I now have an etsy shop! Where I sell handmade crochet clothing made by me. And clothing sewn by me as well. I am currently selling a lot of handmade crocheted and sewn masks! If you have a specific size, color, or design that you would like for a mask just let me know! :) My etsy page is


      I also have clothes, lingerie, accessories, shoes and more that I have worn for photoshoots, music videos, movies, etc. that I am selling. They all have been washed. I am also selling autographed posters. If you have any specific requests such as autographed clothing or autographed magazines that I am in please let me know and email me xoxo =) Also, if you want more details about the clothing such as the sizes or brand name that I am selling on etsy. please email as well. =]  My usual size is xs or small, 0 or 2, and 32 or 34B.                           


                                                                                                      Purple Lingerie Top $40.00








Purple Panties $30.00






                                                                                                        Purple Teddy  $30.00




                                                                               Both Pieces of Pink Bathing Suit $60.00





                                                                                                   Purple Lingerie Dress $40.00




                                                                                            Purple Thong $30.00




                                                                                                                        Purple Teddy #2 $30.00





                                                                                                    Pink Lingerie Top  $30.00



                                                                                         Pink Lingerie Thong $30.00




                                                                                                         Pink Thong Sheer $30.00



                                                                                              Tshirt that I redesigned $30.00









                                                                                            Abercrombie and Fitch Tshirt $30.00



                                                                                                   Purple Booty Shorts $30.00






                                                                                                               Pink Panties $30.00


          Red Lingerie Dress $40.00



                                                                                      Red Thong $30.00



                                                    Polka Dot Outfit (thong not included) $40.00




Red Sheer Lingerie Dress $30.00








Red Sheer Lingerie Thong $20.00




Light Blue Lingerie Set $100.00




Black Top from a shoot that I made $50.00



Black Top With Pink Bow $20.00



Pink Heart Shirt $40.00



Blue Top With Black Bow $20.00



Sheer White Bottoms $20.00




Black Corsette $100.00



Green Bottoms $30.00



Red Skirt $40.00



White Outfit $60.00





RAWR Top $50.00



Pink Corsette (Missing Lace) $20.00



Pink Striped Thong $40.00



Pink and Black Lingerie Set $100.00



Black Thong $30.00